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Pin Boss Academy

Pin Boss Academy is a Masterclass that teaches people how to SCALE their business via Pinterest.


In this Masterclass, your instructor Brandon Belcher will teach you how to make your business go VIRAL on Pinterest using the power of viral tools.

Category : Digital Marketing


Focus On One Niche

Focusing on one niche is key.

Know Your Customer Avatar

You have to know who your Avatar is.

The Strategy

This strategy will change your business forever.

Purchase A Domain (Optional)

Grab a domain if you don't have one!

Grab A Hosting Account

Grab a hosting account if you don't already have one.

Theme + Plugins

Grab your premium theme and plugins.


This is when we start the uploading process!


Now it's time to construct your brand.

Email Popup Setup

The money is in the list.

Viral Content Ideas

This tool will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Outsourcing Content

Let's outsource some content to the pros.

Outsource Pins (Optional)

Outsource OR create your pins!

Pin Account Setup + Engage

Let's get all set up & engage with the community.

The Money Post

It's time to add the MONEY content!

Automation Begins

One-click and BOOM, your entire site is automated!

The Final Touch

Touching up, on a few other important things.

Paid Ads (BONUS)

Just a little bonus I thought i'd throw in there.



Tia Loper
Tia Loperabout 1 Week Reply
Hi, I am stuck on the EnvatoMarket step. Every time I try to purchase the items in my cart, Envato s
Tia Loper
Tia Loperabout 1 Week ago Reply
I got it.
Orrabieabout 2 Weeks Reply
There's a problem with stripe payment. Unable to subscribe.
ArlissaPabout 3 Weeks Reply
HI. I have a question about the pins attached to the $ post. After loading them, do i need to go bac
Misterfhabout 3 Weeks Reply
Some of the options you have on your wordpress, I don't have. How can I add more options?
BatiYahabout 3 Weeks ago Reply
You'll see more options when you activate the Coney theme...
BatiYahabout 4 Weeks Reply
Hmm, I'm actually excited. This is very straightforward and concise information. In the beginning, I
ArlissaPabout 1 Month Reply
The information here is Golden. Very straightforward. Sometimes too straightforward. But I can see w
mevueabout 1 Month ago Reply
Hey Arlissa Welcome in!! so glad that you're getting value! Let's Goooo!
ArlissaPabout 4 Weeks
Let's get it.
Sooogifted93about 1 Month Reply
Videos aren’t playing !
mevueabout 1 Month ago Reply
Hey we had a problem with mobile, but it should be fine now check and see!
Sooogifted93about 1 Month Reply
Videos are playing for me.
Dayajoabout 1 Month Reply
Hey also having some trouble subscribing! It says there's an error with stripe
mevueabout 1 Month ago Reply
Hey shoot a screenshot for us on Instagram! Thanks
Misterfhabout 1 Month Reply
Dope content. Powerful sh#t right here. So glad I joined the PBA. Can this strategy be used selling
mevueabout 1 Month ago Reply
Hey thanks!! Glad to have you in!! Let's get it!!

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